iVitalis academy organises
exclusive 9 days of intensive seminar
elementary level


September 18th to 27th 2020 Slovenia

We believe that you want to maintain your health and spread it around to others. Maybe you have some health issue and you want to get knowledge how to help yourself? Or you might have some genetic illness in family and you want to get some new perspective on it and work preventive. Sometimes it is enough just to get new point of view. Do you have it? If not, we have a solution for you.

Touch for Health (TFH) is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world used by both professional and non-professional.

Meet the person who conquered the cancer and learn her techniques.


The intention of the seminar is much wider than connected only with health, but connected with goals manifestation. When you set the right energies work for you.

What is included

1. iVitalis intensive seminar

  • Moduli I.-IV. Touch for health
    Touch for Health (TFH) is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world used by both professional and non-professional. Millions of people in over 104 countries have experienced specialised kinesiology either directly through the Touch for Health synthesis.
  • Personal mentoring by dr. Neja Zupan
  • Integration of iVitalis knowledge in everyday life
  • Integration of iVitalis knowledge into your profession

2. Included pain release techniques

3. Personal mentoring by dr. Neja Zupan further one month after the end of the seminar

4. Support after conclusion of the seminar

  • For those who want to get internationally recognised Touch For Health Certificate

5. Participation in FB closed group
6. Dr. Neja Zupan answers your questions weekly from September to December

7. iVitalis counselling with our specialist

8. If your family or partner will join you on Pohorje,  they get a FREE access to morning and evening iVitalis exercises. If it is possible and if they wish, they will receive balancing with iVitalis techniques at the end of our seminar*




for payments till 18.6. 2020

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Are you already ready to join and influence on your life?


If you are not supported with the RIGHT energies in your life, it is more difficult to realize your goals. With iVitalis techniques you align the energies to support you when heading for he intended direction.

What the participants say about iVitalis:

»I didn't know what to expect. I work in health care and I haven't known such care for health before, although being a mentor I often emphasize that a human being is a psycho-physical whole. Through iVitalis course I started to get to know that … other side of us. As a health worker I wanted to test the gained knowledge on me first. I feel better, have more energy and can cope with everyday difficulties with greater ease. I wish I had learnt about this technique much sooner – in primary, secondary school and in college.«
Graduated nurse
»All that I have learnt works in my personal and professional life as well. I work as an occupational therapist in old people's home. I have established iVitalis exercises as regular practice. I have noticed that my clients feel better after the exercises as they also say themselves. Exercises are simple therefore they can be done easily. I had big health problems myself and traditional medicine could not help me therefore I decided to try the method Touch for health and iVitalis exercises and they proved very successful.
Occupational therapist

You can also find clips and stories about effectivnes of iVitalis exercises on Youtube.

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iVitalis seminar

is based on the method Touch for health Kinesiology It is a system for balancing body structures and body posture, way of thinking, and emotional (energy) well being for greater vitality, satisfaction and better regeneration ability of the body. When you »set the energies to work for you«, you can easily reach your goals. Touch for health is listed in the field of complementary healing. In the method Touch for health, we use the muscle test for communication with the body (BIO feedback) in order to find out where in the body there is stress and how it can be reduced.

Touch for health is the most world spread system of kinesiology..

Touch for health does not give diagnoses or heal. Touch for health is an educational model that teaches each individual how to manage their own energy and body to maintain health (prevention), for the support of well being and a bigger efficiency of their own potentials. Touch for health is the most widespread system of kinesiology in the world that was developed by dr. John Thie and dr. George Goodheart.

What you gain:

  • how to align your energy so that you achieve your goals
  • to analyse where is the source of stress with the help of the muscle test and how to get rid of it
  • how to influence the decrease of body tensions with various techniques
  • to relax physical pain
  • improve body posture
  • to increase the alignment of how the muscles work in order to move more easily and lightly
  • to recognize what muscles are too tense or too loose and consequently the risk for damage
  • to test the adequate diet of an individual
  • to release emotional pain
  • to increase the energy when you are lacking it
  • to support yourself energetically when reaching your goals
  • to support good brain activity
  • to increase memorising ability and concentration
  • much more…

Where is this knowledge applicable:

  • in your profession
  • with your patients
  • with yourself
  • with your family and friends
  • with your colleagues (perhaps you can become iVitalis coach at work)
  • with your pets and other animals


The commission (the commission for assessing continuous professional development named by the Chamber of health and midwife care of Slovenia – Nurses and midwife association of Slovenia) has reached a conclusion number 2018-154-154 that says the programme iVitalis is aligned with the demands of the Regulations and instructions and has given 12 licence points to the programme iVitalis course for active participants.




for payments till 18.6. 2020

Ask for payment in installments

Who is your mentor?

Dr. Neja Zupan

NLP Trainer, TFH Trainer, CSO Therapist, NLP Coach
international trainer of personal excellence and natural healing specialist

Dr. Neja Zupan is an internationally certified trainer, consultant and practitioner of the methof Touch for Health registred at International Kinesiollogy College, London, UK. She is also internationally certified trainer and practitioner of Personal Excellence (NLP – Neurolinguistic programing) and NLP coach Certified at NLP University at California. She got international certidication of Craniosacral therapy at Karuna Institute, England. She is advanced practitioner of OM KARA Kriya Yoga. She is researcher of ancient shamanic traditions. She is also life long student of Ayurveda and is specially interested in researching Ayurvedic cooking. With all her knowledge in different areas, she can always suggests appropriate healing approach for you, that enables you to get good results for your health and wellbeing.

But more than all certificates, diplomas and titles her qualification was proven by her own experience with cancer. She has conquered the cancer herself with a natural approach. To cure herself she used what she teaches others. She has proved that she walks what she talks.

Meet the person who conquered the cancer and learn her techniques.




for payments till 18.6. 2020

Ask for payment in installments


I. module:

This is the introductory training to Kinesiology, providing techniques for improved postural balance, and improved health and performance. You get practical everyday applications of Touch For Health Kinesiology for increased well-being on all levels:
  • How to accurately test muscles
  • Prechecks for accurate muscle testing
  • Switching into energy flow
  • Testing when you are dehydrated
  • Getting in touch with meridians
  • Fix your sensors – sensory acuity
  • Make your spine more flexible
  • Learn how to release stress and test if it is released from your body!
  • Setting your personal goals
  • Simple techniques how to set energies to support your goals

II. module:

Delves more deeply into balancing our systems’ energy relationships, using the ancient Chinese Law of the 5 Elements and the triangle of health:

  • Law of Five Elements
  • Balance your energies with One-Point Balance
  • Does food that you eat support you?
  • Do you want to release stress from past events and start a new life?
  • Learn Simple Pain Techniques reduction
  • Make your day rune easy: Time of Day Balance
  • Relax! Meridian Massage time
  • Is your brain focused on your goal? Learn how to DO IT!

III. module:

Focuses is on working with complete 5 Element integration and Reactive Muscle Resets for enhanced performance and movement:

  • All what you always wanted to know about five elements – the deep energy system that influences our life
  • Calm down, it is time to SLOW DOWN!
  • How to prepare yourself on stressful events in the future?
  • Is there some energy, that is hidden, but masses your life – want to find it?
  • No pain any more!
  • Our body is like a company- everything is interconnected and functions together. Let’s reveal how?
  • Is there some boss in your body that dictates how you will move?
  • Start to walk free

IV. module:

Completes the programme with additional postural & energetic balancing techniques, bringing all aspects together as a total holistic health care modality

  • Relax and calm down with Figure Eight Energy
  • Also five elements have relationships, and you learn how to heal it
  • Bad posture is your past!
  • Connect and integrate the knowledge that you can use it in everyday life and in your profession!




for payments till 18.6. 2020 

Ask for payment in installments

100% money back

If you do not feel any change in your energy in first 2 days of the seminar, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, if you sign up for all 9 days. No questions!

What is not included in the price of the seminar

  • transportation
  • accommodation

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